Otopia O'Fit Protein
Gut health first, 100% no nasties & no bloating.

Health experts recognise that digestive issues such as bloating, IBS, indigestion, inflammation and bad skin are all linked to poor gut health and “1 in 7 people have IBS”. Our products are made with high-quality vegan, gluten and cruelty-free ingredients and are centred around maintaining a healthy gut; which we know is no laughing matter, but we try to make it fun!

Try the 1st Aussie Made Certified Fodmap Friendly protein.

Otopia is..

Everyday empowerment.
Here to lift women up and celebrate diversity, rawness and realness.

Health first.
Because when you care about your inner health you get that outer glow. We want Otopians to be the best versions of themselves.

Stay playful.

Have fun with it! We’re zesty and on trend and know the worst thing we can be is boring.